About us

Wolken Point is independently working on Information Security Assessment and Penetration Testing, including development of various secure web and mobile portal applications.

such as,

  1. Security Services
  2. Development Services

Security Services:

We provide extremely efficient and exhaustive security testing services for our clients. We combine various open methodologies / standards, tweak them and create customised misuse cases to meet the security objective of the business.

  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Infrastructure Security Assessment
  • Product Security Assessment
  • IoT Security Testing
  • IT Security Policy Development

Development Services:

Many Organisation developed various application but very few of them develop secure applications, we focus on application security first. Here are the following developments,

  • Secure Web Application Development
  • Secure Android Application Development
  • Secure iOS Application Development

Our Developer team has almost 12+ years of experience in development and security sectors.

Feel free to ping us on admin@wolkenpoint.com

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Wolken Point
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