Python Framework for VAPT v1.0

Python Framework for VAPT v1.0 (Python GUI based Port Scanning and Banner Grabbing Tool)

This Framework is nothing but, Python GUI based

  • Port Scanning,
  • Banner Grabbing Tools

Simple python script can also change the whole scenario of your assignment, This tools is also perform Banner Grabbing with the help of python sock.recv() - low level network interface. It may take time to load the output on screen because of addition of such interface in the script. Well this is GUI based python platform

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Python Framework v 1.0

Nikto is an Open Source (GPL) web server scanner, which is developed in perl language. follow for licenses/credits details. I developed just one python framework which help me to use nikto tools and show me the ouput in GUI based. So only the credit of small GUI code which i learned through python basics Tkinter package. is only for educational purpose, we are not responsible if you misuse it !

Required Package Details:

1. Nikto Tools ( ),
2. Python with Tkinter ( Python 2.7.11+)

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This is very basic python browser, developed using PyQt5 Library.

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